Our Strategic Advantage... Ten years on and still #1 in DS

We launched DAV late in 2003 after recognizing our existing component clients requirements for hardware and software systems to display corporate information to their employees, visitors and remote locations. It was a good fit.

Guided by the leadership and of Tom Johnson, a longstanding partner in components manufacturers representation, we founded this new division and never looked back.

Now having accomplished hundreds of DS software, hardware and security applications we stand ready to move in to the next decade of digital signage and security leadership.... it should be another very good run.

Our Client Strategy

We help our clients achieve and retain the greatest possible success with their Digital Signage and Security Systems. 

Local, Regional & National Accounts

Including a wide range of Digital Signage and Security clients from across the country.

Featured Services

DAV 10 Years Experience

Our ten years of experience in Digital Signage and Security Video is impressive and worth noting. We are the regional leaders in this field. Expert consultants standing by, ready to serve.

Scala Software & Avnet Commercial-        Video and Security Solutions

We provide you with practical and easy solutions for your DS application.

Digital Signage software, hardware & SECURITY Networks

Celebrating 10 of years OF commercial and professional Installations

we are digital signage  software and hardware display and sECURITY experts.

certified avnet and scala vendors